Hodgson’s England Reign Ends in Bitter Fashion

England’s disappointing defeat from Iceland in Euro 2016 was not the end of things for Three Lions as they now have to start things over by looking for a new manager after Roy Hodgson’s resignation.

Albeit the fact that his contract is already running out, Hodgson’s resignation still happen in a bitter fashion, notably after the way Three Lions went out of Euro.

Speaking to the media right after that game against Iceland, Hodgson admitted that he didn’t expect that his side will go out this early from the tournament.

The tactician also added that their 2-1 loss was definitely not something acceptable, which is pretty much why he announced his resignation without waiting further action from FA.

Although Hodgson’s departure was somewhat predictable following their exit from Iceland, but it was still a bitter situation where much of pundits and fans are disappointed with the former Inter Milan head coach.

Tons of negative voices arrived right after Three Lion’s defeat, questioning what system did Hodgson played, his players’ selection along with late subs.

Despite being a quite well known manager, it seems that Hodgson’s name will surely be attached to this disappointing result, which many consider as one of England’s worse defeat in international competition.