Burnley vs Manchester City highlights (0-3)

Man City boss Pep Guardiola speaking to Sky Sports:

"Really good. The first games are so important to see how our vibes are. To come here to a promoted side is always so tricky. We didn't expect them to play with five at the back but we found the goal.

"After the goal we struggled, created problems for ourselves. But then Bernardo and Kovacic drop deeper, we get possession going and then we improved.

"The key thing in the game was the attacking with the full backs and then the rest getting inside the pitch and creating problems.

On where things went wrong after the opening goal:

"We gave passes away, the players need to read what we have to do. Against man to man [marking] you cannot always play to the closest player. You have to play more passes and go more direct.

"The second half Erling was magnificent with the man to man. After we make more passes and Phil, Julian, everybody was really really good."

Burnley manager Vincent Kompany speaking to Sky Sports:

"We had five guys starting for the first time for the club, one guy starting his first debut in his career...

"Overall we had chances, we knew it was going to be tough so I think we need to take the positives from this game.

"You can't feel good with a defeat, but I have seen enough to know we have made progress since the last time we played them.

"This is going to be the worst we play this season, this team is only going to get stronger."

Burnley vs Manchester City . Score: 0-3.

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