Whilst every Manchester United fan is undoubtedly enjoying the recent success the club has had. Not just this season, where they won the Premier League and reached the Champions League final, but over the last 15 years which have been dominated by the team from Manchester. There is the lingering question in the back of everyone’s mind – what happens when Sir Alex Ferguson retires? The harsh reality of the situation is that age catches up with all of us and although I expect Sir Alex to continue for at least the next two seasons at least, there will come a point where he will have to be replaced. Here are the potential candidates to replace the greatest manager of all time:

Jose Mourinho

It is no secret that the two remain great friends and Jose has made no secret of his desire to return to the Premier League with Manchester United. He certainly has the personality and confidence to take on the role, but many believe his style of football is not ‘the Manchester United way’. The fact he has won the Champions League with two different clubs is a huge advantage and he may be biding his time until the job becomes available. 

David Moyes

David Moyes has done fantastically well at Everton with a small budget, but it remains to be seen whether he could take on the job at Manchester United which is an entirely different type of management. He is rated by Sir Alex but yet to prove himself at the highest level and so remains an unlikely choice.

Pep Guardiola

Although Guardiola has won everything there is to win in such a short space of time, there is a general feeling that he will walk away from the Barcelona post in the next couple of years in search of a fresh challenge. His football philosophy is certainly matched with that of United and Sir Alex conceded in the Champions League Final, ‘no-one has ever given us a hiding like that’. He would certainly be a popular choice amongst the fans.

Laurent Blanc

He is seen by many as a dark horse for the job but one who is to emerge as one of the front runners in the next couple of seasons. He had a fantastic relationship with Sir Alex during his career at Old Trafford and did a brilliant job securing the double in 2008-2009 with Bordeaux playing attractive football. He may remain with the French national team until the job becomes available.

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