Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger says Fabio Capello was wrong to axe Theo Walcott from his England World Cup squad.
Wenger believes the former Southampton star could have made the difference for England in South Africa.
Wenger said: “It was a big mistake. Walcott is a player who can change a game upside down in the second half in your favour. He has speed and can cause a lot of problems for the opponents.”
He also said England were too rigid in their tactical approach to the World Cup. Wenger believes the chopping and changing of the captaincy hurt England.
“They had a good manager, but there was no teamwork. The team was not united, with the captaincy changing hands so many times before the World Cup. They also never had a plan B. It was clearly evident the same team that started went on to play all the matches, apart from just one change in attack. You need to have players for different situations and challenges.”

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