Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger admits the football at this year’s World Cup hasn’t been the best.
Wenger has been in South Africa working for French TV and believes some nations may have played within themselves, especially in the knockout stages when one mistake could have seen a side eliminated from the competition.
“I think that the standard of the football has been up and down,” he said. “Before the direct knockout stages we had some interesting games. Unfortunately when we got to the knockout stages many of the games were average for a long period. Teams were under pressure. They seemed to have the handbrake on if the first goal did not go in quickly.”
Arsene Wenger says South Africa can be proud of the way they’ve staged the 2010 World Cup.
The only disappointment for the Frenchman came when Ghana lost their Quarter-Final after a penalty shoot-out against Uruguay.
“In terms of organisation it is great success for South Africa,” he told “That is a fantastic. I am very, very happy about that. And the stadiums have been absolutely magnificent.But it was a shame for Africa when Ghana did not make the Semi-Finals. It would have been a firework for Africa.”


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