As a person that never has a good, warm jacket to wear during the winter, I know what’s going to be on my Christmas list this year. Heck, even if I don’t get it from someone else, I’ll buy it myself. This totally affordable USA Quarter-Zip Jacket from Nike is one of the best jackets I’ve seen yet.

In comparison to the N98 Track Jackets, without doubt, the best feature of this jacket is the $60 price tag. For everything you get, that’s a steal. It’s just a basic fleece with a USA logo on it, and it’s incredibly warm. It’s a Therma-Fit jacket. Essentially, the polyester outer part of the jacket keeps warmth insulated within the inner fleece. It gets you warm and keeps you warm on the sideline or sitting on a windswept stand.

The Quarter-Zip is really comfortable, easy to put on and take off, and it looks really nice with anything. I really liked wearing it with casual street clothes, though the jacket matches soccer uniforms, too. It also fits well over any licenced jersey, particularly the Nike Dri-fit ones, like the Manchester United jersey.

This particular Quarter-Zip jacket comes in grey and features the USA team crest. carries a wide variety of other teams and colors, as well. Some of the top-sellers include Manchester United in red; Arsenal, which is also in red; and Barcelona in royal blue.

For a low $60 cost, I am a definite fan of the Nike ¼ Zip Fleece Top. It carries the ultimate combination of “Fan ship”, warmth, and comfort (without sacrificing style, like some of the Track Jackets have done in the past). Christmas or not, its a great purchase for what’s sure to be a cold winter.

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