Terry’s five-year-old twins, Georgie and Summer, have their own Messi shirts
“My kids love him,” he said. “It’s a pleasure, because when you finish and you look back – and the guy’s still going to be going strong – you’ve tested yourself against the best.
“And, quite clearly for me, he’s the best ever. He’s a great individual, a great person as well and a credit to the sport.
“For me, he’s got everything. He is magical.”

Asked about Jose Mourinho’s insinuation Barca were bound to win under suspicious circumstances, Terry laughed: “I’m not even getting drawn on that.”
“Listen, we realise it’s going to be tough. They’re a great side with great individuals. We’re a good side as well and we’ve shown over the last two or three months we’re a match for anyone.
“If we can be solid as we have been in the Champions League, who knows?”
“Especially at home, I feel as though we take it to them a little bit.
“Not many teams have really done that and you don’t see many teams doing that.
“Whether or not that’ll be our approach, I’m not sure. That’s down to the manager. But we’ve seen before things can happen in five or 10 minutes.
“You go three up and they’ve got the ability to come back, as they’ve shown. You can’t predict anything.”

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