With the end of the World Cup, fans of all nations were treated to another visual feast as SA2010 delivered a stunning finale.
The closing ceremony bid farewell to supporters from all over the globe, and set the stage for what should be an equally entertaining encounter between the two greatest teams never to have won the coveted trophy.
As darkness enveloped Johannesburg, the skies were lit up by pyrotechnics and the roar of fighter jets signalled the beginning of the end for SA2010.
Then came the singing and the dancers, with Colombian star Shakira and Ladysmith Black Mambazo among a colourful cast of thousands singing their hearts out in celebration.
This summer’s tournament has passed off both peacefully and without violence, while offering some spectacular moments of drama on the pitch as well.
And with the final match still to be played out between the Netherlands and Spain, organisers gave the expected 700 million worldwide viewers a pre-match treat by turning the entire Soccer City pitch into a cinema screen.
A giant newspaper was projected onto the floor and ripped open to reveal a video montage of the highlights of the past month’s action.
The show climaxed as a herd of ‘elephants’, in fact extremely realistic-looking life-sized puppets, were paraded onto the pitch to drain a virtual watering hole from the centre circle.

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