Spain goalkeeper Pepe Reina admits he’s been in contact with Liverpool teammate Dirk Kuyt ahead of facing Holland in the World Cup final.
Kuyt was first to make contact following Holland’s victory over Uruguay in Cape Town on Tuesday.
Twenty-four hours later it was Reina’s turn to respond after Spain had booked their first appearance on the game’s greatest stage by overcoming German resistance.
The chat will continue to be jovial for the next couple of days.
But Reina knows by the final whistle, only one man will be celebrating. And he is confident it will be him.
“I have been in touch with Dirk and I heard from him before and after the game,” said Reina. “He wished us luck and now it is 100% certain that Liverpool will have a World Cup winner. That is something to be proud of at least but hopefully on Sunday Dirk won’t be that happy.”

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