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Teamwork is one of sport’s most important aspects, whether that coincides with team sports or individual athletes coming together in search of the same goal.

Samsung mobile presents Project Teamwork: five countries, four continents – finding out what makes a team tick and how athletes innovate together.

Sport is so much more than what appears at face value, the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes, the hours of training, is rarely seen by a mass audience.

Comradely and strategy are hugely important aspects in Project Teamwork – a global exploration that brings sport to life. The greatest stars in the world came from the streets.

Five missions:

1. Beach Volleyball – The Netherlands
2. Parkour – Morocco
3. Handball – Spain
4. Track and Field – Jamaica
5. Street Soccer – Brazil

The beautiful game, soccer, is at the forefront of Brazilian culture. Street soccer is a style of play minus rules, regulations and referees. It’s about freedom, learning new tricks, having fun and just playing.


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