Like so many sporting stars, Paul the Octopus has decided to bow out on a high.
Or rather, his handlers have ruled that the psychic cephalopod should retire from predicting football matches.
The eight-legged oracle correctly guessed the outcome of eight consecutive matches at the World Cup, seven involving Germany.
One British bookmaker estimated Paul’s punditry – or pot luck – had cost them upwards of £500,000.
Paul made his mark as a youngster at the European Championships in 2008, correctly forecasting most – but not all – of Germany’s games.
But cometh the biggest tournament in football, cometh the world’s finest multi-legged clairvoyant. At first, Paul was seen, quite literally, as little more than a circus act.
Yet as SA2010 wore on, and his hot-streak continued, he became an international phenomena, global media covering live his prediction for the final.
Of course, Paul got it right, correctly picking Spain over the Netherlands. Now though, the massive mollusc we leave predictions to, ehhm, the experts.
A spokesman for the aquarium in Oberhausen where he lives said: “Paul will go into retirement and do what he likes to do best: play with his handlers and delight children who come to visit him.”


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