Spain fans rejoice – suckered seer Paul the Octopus has predicted they will beat the Netherlands in the World Cup final.
He has also backed Germany to beat Uruguay in the third-place play off.
Oberhausen’s eight-legged oracle has become perhaps the most unlikely star of SA2010.
He has correctly foretold what will happen in every one of Germany’s World Cup fixtures, including their defeats against Spain and Serbia.
The odds on him doing so are 1/64.
On Friday, he chose a mussel from a pot marked with a German flag ahead of Germany’s third-place play-off with Uruguay.
Minutes later, he went on to pick a mussel from Spain’s pot.
Although Paul’s predictions are now broadcast around the world, his marine-based clairvoyancy is proving divisive. After correctly guessing the outcome of Germany against Spain, Paul has faced death threats from within Germany.
Der Spiegel suggested he should be “fried alive in particularly rancid chip fat and served in an authentically German, dark, dank, greasy spoon caff in a corner of Oberhausen, smothered in mayonnaise and gravy.”
But Spain’s politicians have leapt to his defence, Prime Minister Jose Zapatero saying “I am concerned for the octopus … I am thinking of sending him a protective team”.
Environment and Fisheries Minister, Elena Espinosa, added “I shall be at the European Council of Ministers and I shall be asking for a [fishing] ban on Paul the octopus so the Germans do not eat him”.

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