Manchester United and France fullback Patrice Evra says it’s an emotional time for him.
While being a member of France’s World Cup squad, Evra cannot ignore his Senegal roots. Evra is dreaming of going all the way to glory in Johannesburg on July 11.
He said: “I have two wishes. I want to win it for France and hope it is a huge party for football and all Africa with no security problems. This World Cup will be very important to my family as well as myself. I was born in Dakar to a Senegalese father and a mother from Cape Verde. But we moved to Brussels when I was just a year old, because of my father’s job with the Senegalese Embassy. I just had time to mess a few nappies before I was on the plane. We stayed in Belgium for two years before moving to Les Ulis in the Paris suburbs. I often talk about the World Cup with my father. He is now 81 and badly asthmatic. He says seeing me lift the World Cup would be the greatest present he could have before he goes to heaven.”

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