There are many different aspects to consider when evaluating what makes a pair of football boots special. Appearance is extremely important, you want to be able to feel good on the football pitch and the Nike Total 90 Laser III FG are one of the most aesthetically pleasing boots on the market. The conventional colours of white and black are complemented by light blue around the Nike slogan which adds the final touches to a fantastic design and style. It is becoming common practice for football boots to appear in all different colours and designs but simplicity in terms of appearance seems to be the key with these boots and it certainly has paid dividends.

The comfort of the boots is absolutely fantastic, the breaking-in period can sometimes take up to a month with many boots currently on the market. Yet, after wearing these for one training session, they now feel like I should be wearing them all day every day. The insole further enhances the comfort of the boot and they are much lighter than the Laser II boots that preceded them due to the premium synthetic leather design and lightweight outsole which also provides a greater touch on the ball. It is common in some boots to actually feel the studs through the sole of the boot, but with the molded EVA sockliner with inserts, stud pressure is reduced whilst arch and heel support increased. Whilst remaining lightweight, the boots are deceptively strong; a complaint of many boots is that once an opponent steps on the toe of your boot, it can cause a great deal of pain. That simply is not the case with these boots and when the inevitable happens, the strength is incredible.

The specific studs on the boot are also extremely versatile and can be worn on firm ground and wet pitches alike, giving them an advantage over almost any other boot currently on the market. The fins on the instep of the boot not only look great but make a world of difference when striking a football. You will find that you can manipulate the ball in a way which you did not think was possible, it not only enhances swerve kicking accuracy, but also the power that can be generated. I found myself hitting the back of the net from 30 yards on a regular basis. I usually have trouble with my ankles in football boots and find myself injuring them on a regular basis, but I felt completely at ease with these specific boots. The heel and arch support firmly stabilise the ankle and you feel as if you are in control of the movement on each step.

The boots are also versatile in terms of what position you play. Every player on the football pitch wants boots that look good, are comfortable and do the job that is needed. The strength and support the boots provide make it ideal for defenders whilst the fins for enhanced dribbling and shooting make them perfect for midfielders and strikers. You can buy great Nike & Adidas football boots at and with these boots you certainly will not be disappointed. They are without question the most comfortable boots I have ever worn.

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