Which Team has the best chance to win Euro 2020?

If you are part of those who like to try their luck, predicting which teams will win in tournaments, the Euro 2020 will be a great challenge for you, as there is no clear favourite, standing out from the crowd. Will it be Portugal, winner of the last one in 2016, or the current world champion team of France? Let’s take a look at where the best teams stand, coming into the tournament.

To watch or to play

In life, there are those that do and those that watch. For all of you players, out there, the Euro 2020 certainly won’t stop you from going running, working out at the gym or enjoying your favourite team sport, on the field. For all your equipment need, you can always visit www.netsportique.uk, so you can also catch a game on TV, instead of having to head to a store to buy it. All those who prefer to watch than to play, will certainly be glued to their TV set for the next few weeks, placing a bet and hoping that the team they picked will win. But who will come out triumphant from the tournament? Here is the current prognostic.

The Favourites

Everyone had to go through the qualifying process, in order to win their place in this Euro 2020, being played in 2021. That’s because the coronavirus changed a few rules along the way… Looking at the participants, it is hard to find a clear potential winner, which is why the odds vary greatly, from one specialist to another. However, with the final set to be played in Wembley Stadium in London, a few sport analysts are leaning on a victory by England, on its own field. That’s because they finished fourth in the last World Cup; their best position ever.

Others are looking at France, who was the one team to come out on top at this competition in 2018 and believe that they can repeat their exploit three years removed from it. After all, they managed to get both titles back in 2000, and so, many expect them to fight their way to the highest level of the podium, again.

So, what of the reigning champion, Portugal? They have a few competitors ahead of them, according to most analysts. Namely, teams like Belgium, Spain and Germany should have more chances to host the cup that the current holder. But nothing is set in stone and anything can happen in these competitions. So, who do you have winning Euro 2020?