What are the Initiatives taken by the UEFA to encourage grassroots football in Europe?

One of UEFA’s missions is to encourage new players to take up sports. Through various initiatives, it will invest 44 million euros, over the next four years. This money is given to national associations that are part of the UEFA so that they can provide an enjoyable and safe environment to players of all ages, including those with disabilities.

UEFA Grassroots Charter: A Quality Experience for All Involved

The UEFA Grassroots Charter has set standards for associations that deliver the programs created by the main organization. It ensures a quality experience for all players involved by providing a safe environment to them as well as the necessary material to play the game. Teams and leagues can find such items, for practice or for game purposes, at Netsportique, a provider of quality sporting goods, which also caters to schools and universities.

UEFA: Helping Develop the Game of Football across Europe

In order to reach their goal, UEFA has created six main initiatives. Here is a brief summary of each of them.


The objective of this initiative is to bring more young players to enjoy the sport. It also aims to train teachers better in the sport, so they can teach the kids better. Finally, it will create links between clubs and local schools, so that talents can be detected early.


The objective of this initiative is to build sustainable grassroots clubs. In order to do so, it is creating a Europewide network of development experts, which will be centered on quality coaching. This is to develop a working group, helping national associations support non-elite clubs, in the growth of their organization.


The objective of this initiative is to change the perception of girls playing football and inspire them to join a team. To achieve this, the UEFA will be helped by celebrities, and the campaign will be led mostly on social media.


The objective of this initiative is to recruit a larger group of young females to play football by using storytelling to attract them. This initiative has been thought like one that would be part of the “safe at home” sessions during the COVID-19 crisis.


The objective of this initiative is to improve coaching at all levels. To do so, UEFA has created a new coaching convention. They will also place an important focus on specialized courses for coaches in grassroots clubs.


The objective of this initiative is to build a new policy for UEFA and its associations. It will then provide a toolkit for their use. This will then be a part of the UEFA Grassroots Charter.