UEFA Champions League Rd 16 Preview

Once Valentine’s Day is over on Monday, football lovers will be able to romanticise over one of their over loves – or perhaps their main or only love – as the UEFA Champions League returns to the football calendar after last being seen in December.

Indeed, the continent’s elite sides will return to action in a staggered fashion, although fans will still be able to witness 16 of the best go up against each other as they look to progress further in the world’s biggest competition and advance to the Quarter-final stage of the tournament.

The UEFA Champions League continues to attract a global audience and one that has a huge passion for the sport, with many taking the opportunity to place a wager on the action that happens on the pitch. Naturally, many continue to head to the best sites to bet on football in order to achieve the best viewing experience possible.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the Round of 16 and what is in store for all of us!

UEFA Champions League Round of 16 Matches

Perhaps obvious given that there are a total of 16 teams still left competing in the tournament, there will be a total of eight matches played at this particular stage of the UEFA Champions League.

As mentioned, games will be played across a rather staggered approach, with two games being played on Tuesday, then two games played on Wednesday, with the following week seeing the other four matches being played across the same days. Again, this process will be followed for the second leg, too.

These are the games to be played and the dates on which they will be completed:

  • Red Bull Salzburg vs Bayern Munich (16 Feb, 8 Mar)
  • Sporting CP vs Manchester City (15 Feb, 9 Mar)
  • Benfica vs Ajax (23 Feb, 15 Mar)
  • Chelsea vs LOSC Lille (22 Feb, 16 Mar)
  • Atletico Madrid vs Manchester United (23 Feb, 15 Mar)
  • Villarreal vs Juventus (22 Feb, 16 Mar)
  • Inter Milan vs Liverpool (16 Feb, 8 Mar)
  • Paris Saint-Germain vs Real Madrid (16 Feb, 8 Mar)

Naturally, the winners of these ties will progress to the UEFA Champions League Quater-final stage, whereas those that are defeated on aggregate across the two-legged contests will be eliminated from the competition.

Which are the biggest games?

Whilst Chelsea are the current defending champions of the competition, their match against Lille might not be the most attractive on the fixture list, although those that follow the Blues might not actually mind that too much.

Clearly, the most exciting fixture that appears on this set of matches is the contest between PSG and Real Madrid, with two of Europe’s biggest powerhouses going at each other and ensuring one of the top teams is eliminated at this early stage of the tournament.

Indeed, there are no easy games and each fixture could easily see a major contender be eliminated, thus helping to highlight why the UEFA Champions League is widely considered to be the biggest club football competition in the world!