The Most Popular Sports in Indiana

Are you interested in finding out what the most popular sports in Indiana tend to be? If so, continue reading to find out everything you need to know.

As is the case with most U.S. states, Indiana has a rich sports history and is home to a wide range of both amateur sports teams and professional sports franchises. This has led to it becoming known for a number of sports with some legacies even dating back hundreds of years. If you are curious as to what the most popular sports in Indiana are, continue reading to find out everything you need to know. 

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Automobile racing 

If you are a fan of automobile racing, you are probably aware of Indiana’s role in hosting one of the sport’s most coveted annual events in the form of the Indianapolis 500 or Indy 500 as it has become informally known. It has been hosted in Speedway, Indiana, on the last weekend of May since 1911 with crowds growing progressively larger with each passing year and has paved the way for a number of world-famous automobile races such as 24 Hours of Le Mans, Monaco Grand Prix, and the Daytona 500. 


In Indiana, a number of football teams tend to dominate the state with college football a particular favorite amongst sports fans. It is the Indiana Hoosiers, however, that appear to be the most popular team throughout the state having won the Big Ten Championship twice, participated in 12 bowl games including the historic 1968 Rose Bowl, and with six of the club’s players having been inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame. This state-wide love for college football has also had a big mpact on the best betting odds in Indiana in recent years. 


When it comes to the most popular sports in Indiana, basketball’s rich heritage is worth alluding to. The sport may have grown and developed in Massachusetts but its introduction to high school curriculums first came to fruition in Indiana after its founder, James Naismith, officially confirmed that it had its origins in the state and remains at the center of the sport. Indiana’s love for basketball also inspired the 1986 movie, Hoosiers, which was based on the true story of the 1954 state champions Milan High School. 

Horse racing 

As well as automobile racing, football, and basketball, horse racing is also popular in Indiana with the opening of Hoosier Park in 1994 kickstarting a successful industry in the state. In the years since, a number of casinos dedicated to horse racing have also cropped up throughout the state. 

Throughout the United States, different states tend to be associated with different sports for various reasons. In Indiana, for example, a number of sports have proven to be more popular than others amongst both residents and visitors throughout the years. This includes automobile racing with the state home to the globally renowned Indy 500, football with college football particularly popular amongst sports fans, basketball with the sport first finding its beginnings through college basketball, and horse racing with the opening of Hoosier Park in 1994 launching a long and successful industry that is still present today.