Spotting Nike Star Players at World Cup 2014

Being a renowned football boots manufacturer for quite sometime, Nike continue to participate in major tournaments, especially by having their special products being represented by star players, just like what happened in current 2014 World Cup.

There are plenty top quality footballers that are using Nike products in Brazil, but there’s two new stuff which are being frequently promoted this days, which are Nike Hypervenom and Mercurial.

Those two latest types offer many modern stuff that give more comfort for football players, with the hope to provide more protection and enhancing their performance on the pitch.

Checking out on those who exclusively use Hypervenom, will discover that Brazil golden boy, Neymar is the main man who promoted that brand and showcasing the comfort in using it with his performance at World Cup.

Neymar’s fine adjustment with his new boots can be seen when he put on an excellent display during Brazil’s opening match against Croatia in which the Barcelona star successfully scored two goals.


Meanwhile, introducing Nike Mercurial to public eyes, Cristiano Ronaldo is the company’s main guy as he has already been for quite some time now. Being such a successful player this year, Ronaldo didn’t really need  the World Cup to capture people attention.


However, World Cup remain as the biggest stage for any footballer, that’s why the Portuguese is very determined in showcasing his quality though the Real Madrid man still hasn’t able to perform his best as just yet.

For football fans who are captivated with both of  those Nike products, can immediately purchase them at any trustworthy sports equipment stores, such as JDSports which also offer online shipping service for those who resident outside of UK.

Both Nike Mercurial and Hypervenom are being made available with several options for sizes and types, so those who are interested in buying can pick the ones that suits them best.