Spain Striker, Morata, Hoping New Look Will Bring Him Luck in Euro

Just like many other people, some football players are kind of superstitious, as they like to do certain things that can bring them luck ahead of big tournament such as Euro 2016.

That kind of belief is also shared by Spain international striker, Alvaro Morata, who recently decided to shave his head so he can get more luck.

Morata explained that two years ago, he also got his hair shaved by Sergio Ramos and apparently it brings some luck for the Juventus man, that’s why the attacker is keen on doing the same thing just before they start their Euro 2016 match.

Moreover, Morata also stated that the head shaving thing also brings out similar effect for Ramos, so both are hoping they can get that lucky charm they had once again.

Superstitious or not, Spain’s head coach, Vicente Del Bosque, surely won’t mind with that kind of act as long as his side will get advantages from it.