Sabella Still Reevaluating Future With Argentina

Argentina national team head coach, Alejandro Sabella apparently still isn’t sure with his future with Argentina national side as there’s even a potential that he might continue his reign.

After previously stating that he will be stepping down as Albiceleste head coach after World Cup final, which they loss to Germany, Sabella recently had a doubt as he revealed the need to evaluate things before making that final decision.

Speaking to ESPN Radio, Sabella stated, “I’ll take the weekend and decide. After the break we will re-evaluate. We’ll see. The team left their soul on the pitch. They played a very good World Cup.”

Furthermore, the tactician explained that his doubt in continuing with Argentina national side is because the tactician himself is uncertain whether he can keep on giving 100% for the team.

“The doubt I have is whether I would be capable of giving all I can. If I feel that I am at 100 percent, I will stay on, if not, I cannot go against my principles,” Sabella added.

Despite suffering a 1-0 defeat in World Cup final, many fans appreciated Argentina’s performance as there were many doubts whether they could even make it that far.