Rami Apologize for Previous Critics on France boss, Didier Deschamps

Getting selected into France’s Euro 2016 squad in place of Raphael Varane, apparently changed Adil Rami’s value of Les Blues manager, Didier Deschamps.

Rami who previously shouted out his critics towards Deschamps, has now changed his stance stating that the mistake was on the defender side.

The former AC Milan defender revealed that his decision to sign for Sevilla this summer was because his eagerness in getting back into France national squad.

Although he was previously disappointed for not making the cut, but after knowing he was called in place Varane plus recent talks with Deschamps, Rami immediately stated his apology.

Rami even went on to stay that his confidence has now restored thanks to Deschamps, while adding that he takes full responsibility for his mistakes towards the French boss.