Premier League to Move Up Transfer Deadline Date Despite Refusal from Manchester Clubs

Premier League to Move Up Transfer Deadline Date Despite Refusal from Manchester Clubs

Several disappointing transfer market situation which somewhat disturbing Premier League teams this summer apparently triggered them to vote for a chance in their summer window deadline date.

According to reports, the voting saw majority of teams are keen on seeing the deadline date being move forward, while there are five teams which voted against it, including two Manchester giants.

Manchester United along with Manchester City apparently didn’t agree about the date change as are other three sides such as, Watford, Swansea City and also Crystal Palace.

Nevertheless, considering the majority votes are approving, from next season on, Premier League teams are only allowed to participate on the summer market until August 9, according to Sky Sports.

However, the rule only applies for buying players as Premier League teams are still able to sell, notably towards any teams that still have their transfer window open until late August or September.

Certainly an interesting decision made by the league association, but whether it will be effective for those EPL teams, time can only tell.

Naturally, things might remain difficult for some teams to get their team sorted out when the season starts if clubs from other top leagues can still prize up players from Premier League sides.

Just like this summer, teams like Liverpool or Arsenal that are trying to keep their star players, such as what happened with Philippe Coutinho and Alexis Sanchez, might still experience similar situation.

Nevertheless, it’s another twist of innovation in today’s football world which can create an interesting situation next summer.