Pogba Still Shocked With Man United’s Defeat Over Tottenham

Manchester United’s start of their new Premier League season didn’t go as well as they would especially following their 3-0 home defeat from Tottenham Hotspur, a result which till this date still stunned one of their star players, Paul Pogba.

Speaking in a recent interview to the media, Pogba claimed that it was a bizzarre result as he couldn’t really figure out how his side could’ve loss in such convincing score line, despite having a quite dominant first 45 minutes.

The World Cup winner believed that his team were very determined since kick off and played well enough to even take maximum points, but instead of getting positive result they suffered a heavy defeat.

Pogba further explained that he and his teammates even believed they had that match under control and never stop trying even until they conceded the first goal from Harry Kane’s effort.

Although admitting that Spurs’ opening goal gave a heavy blow for United, but the French international stated that his side were still creating chances, but things suddenly got bleak when the visitor netted their third goal.

Despite admitting that they’re experiencing a tough start, but the former Juventus’ men remain confident that they can overcome this current bad period and get better as the season goes.