Players Participation in Euro 2016 Based on Leagues

Euro 2016 is still at an early stages, but there’s already tons of excitement and entertainment surrounding all football lovers, especially those who have favorite teams or players participating in the tournament.

Speaking more about the players, Sporticos recently shared an interesting data about their participation in Euro 2016 based on leagues.

Basically the site is keen on showing what European league competition that have the most players competing in current Euro, which without surprise is taken by English Premier League with 104 in total.

Just as we know aside from contributing local players for England national side such as Harry Kane, Wayne Rooney or Jamie Vardy, Premier League is also the home for other European talents such as N’Golo Kante(France), Eden Hazard(Belgium), Kevin De Bruyne(Belgium) and many others.

Surprisingly, German Bundesliga was placed second in this data as they have 57 players playing this year’s tournament.

Spanish La Liga which currently is considered as the number one competition apparently ranked fifth in terms of players distribution for Euro 2016, one spot behind Turkish league.

Overall, there are 522 players  participating in this year’s Euro which comes from 215 clubs and 41 leagues all across the world, including even Qatar and MLS.

Another interesting info that can be gathered from Sporticos data is the fact that England championship division were able to sent more players than French Ligue 1.

Meanwhile, Italy national team full 23 squad is mainly dominated by those playing in their own competition with 18 of them are based in Serie A.

This data might not be something that can be used to predict potential winner for Euro 2016, but it’s still an interesting information for all football enthusiasts.

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