Neymar Said Brazil Only Focus on Winning

Brazil success in getting into World Cup quarter final stage hasn’t evade them from critics, especially regarding their unconvincing performance so far.

Answering that negative voice, Selecao star, Neymar stated that he and his teammates doesn’t really care about putting on a show as their mission this year is only to win every games, including grabbing the trophy.

Speaking to the press in Brazil’s latest press conference, Neymar revealed that playing spectacular football won’t matter much if they fail to win, that’s why he doesn’t even care if his team must defend for most of their tie.

This kind of mentality is also what they will bring for the upcoming match against Colombia, so fans should not expect to see spectacular show as winning is the only target for Brazil this year.

Playing in front of their own crowd, there’s a huge pressure for Selecao in winning the World Cup, so it’s understandable that they’re not keen on focusing on other things beside winning.