Napoli Set for Exciting Clash With Fiorentina


Two currently in form teams in Serie A, Napoli and Fiorentina are set to battle against each others this weekend, attracting attention from many fans of this league.

It’s been a while since the match up between these two sides become such talk about clash, but their recent excellent form somewhat brought that excitement.

After such a rough start, Napoli starting to find their way as Maurizio Sarri’s tactic working like magic for his side as they defeated teams such as Lazio and AC Milan.

Fiorentina have been more consistent though as they have been impressing since the start of season up till now, resulting on their table topping seat in Serie A.

Still very early in the season, both teams are aware that they must keep on maintaining their form if they are to achieve something important at the end of season.

However, for now their focus are to pick up maximum points this weekend, which could further aid their mission in Serie A.