Napoli Gearing Up for Difficult Bilbao Task

Napoli’s Champions League hope is rising high this season after finishing third in Serie A last time around, but Rafael Benitez’s men isn’t getting an easy road into the group stage as they must first face Athletic Bilbao in the playoffs.

It was possible the worst possible draw for Benitez’s boys as Bilbao can provide tons of trouble for any teams, including the Partenopei, that’s why this Tuesday, the Italian are keen on grabbing positive result that they will be able to use for the second meeting.

Although on paper Napoli are slightly being tapped as favorite, Benitez warned his players not to get over themselves in facing Bilbao, especially in their home game which could be key in helping the Partenopei to get into that group stage.

Benitez stated that Napoli players must be fully aware with Bilbao’s team work as they’re a team filled with players who have been playing with each others for quite some time now.