Morocco’s Own Goal Gifted Iran Massive Win in World Cup 2018

A dramatic result occurring already in the early group stage of World Cup 2018 finals round when Iran earned themselves all three points after defeating African outfit, Morocco 1-0 with a late goal.

Both teams were very eager in picking up positive result on their first group game, to give them a shot in advancing into the next round knowing they will be facing the likes of Portugal and Spain on their next fixtures.

Morocco looking dominant early on, controlling ball possession along with creating several goal scoring opportunities which they failed to convert.

The African Lions certainly rues those early misses, especially since Iran were able to find their way back into the match after their success in putting on several fast counter attacking plays which troubled their opponent’s defense.

No goals were scored in the first 45 minutes though, despite both teams strong efforts, and nothing seems to change much after the break with both sides still continuing the playing styles they put out in the first half.

However, luck seemingly hovering around the Asian representative as deep in stoppage time they somehow got themselves that important break through thanks to an own goal from Azis Bouhaddouz.

A disappointing result indeed for Morocco, especially knowing it was their first defeat in quite a while as they were unbeaten during World Cup qualifying stage.

As for Iran, that’s a major result indeed as winning a game in the tournament is not a common thing for them, but that victory give them an opportunity to advance into the next round.