Montella Disappointed With Milan’s Silly Red Cards

AC Milan suffered a disappointing 4-2 defeat in their second Serie A fixture against Napoli, but that thrilling tie was largely affected by two sending offs of Rossoneri players.

Milan head coach, Vincenzo Montella highlighted his players lack of cool heads, which puts their competitiveness in that game disturbed heavily.

Montella said that he was actually pleased with his team’s overall performance, but playing with only nine men simply puts them in tough spot, especially considering they received two soft and unnecessary red cards.

Milan were 3-2 down when they were eventually have to play with just nine men and considering the game was tight, there’s still enough chances to get back into it should Rossoneri were still playing with all players on the pitch.

Aside from those indiscipline acts, Montella once again noting on his team’s mental break down after they conceded a goal as Milan also lose their focus after it, despite starting off well and were in control of situation before conceding.

Fortunately, it’s still very early in the season and with winter break arriving, Montella has an extra time to further access and fix his team’s problems before their upcoming Serie A fixture.