Miroslav Klose Topping Germany Top 10 Goalscorers

Following the previous series about England, Football Daily channel brought in their top 10 list of all time goal scorers for Germany.

There are many famous names that even modern football lovers recognize, such as Michael Ballack, Lukas Podolski, Jurgen Klinsmann, Gerd Muller and notably, Miroslav Klose.

For those who might not remember, Klose is the one who topped that list as he already netted 71 goals for German national team.

Following in second place is the legender, Gerd Muller, who netted 68 goals from only 62 appearances for Der Panzer, such impressive ratio indeed.

It will need sometime it seems for any attackers to surpass Klose as so far the closest player, who is still active is Podolski, who so far only netted 48 goals, still not close enough to even match the Lazio striker’s numbers.