Messi Desperate to Win the World Cup for Argentina

Already winning many titles at club level with Barcelona, Lionel Messi is still very determined and desperate in winning the world cup for Argentina, as it’s personal challenge for him.

Messi stated that getting his hands on the world cup is simply a dream, not just for him but also his teammates in Albiceleste along with the country itself.

The Barcelona star even went on saying that he wouldn’t even mind swapping a title with El Barca for an international glory with Argentina as winning something for his national team will be a unique experience for him.

Notably, Messi doesn’t mean that he won’t want to win again at club level, but it’s just been difficult for him to get trophies at international competition, so it’s understandable that he is very keen on winning something for Albiceleste.

Certainly for him and his teammates, this upcoming World Cup in Russia will be a target they strongly aimed, although it will be far from easy, considering there’s several other top national sides that they must be competing with.

Nevertheless, before aiming to high, Messi warned his teammates that they must first focus on advancing from their group as it can be a very complicated situation for them.

Being drawn with Iceland, Croatia along with Nigeria, the five time Ballon d’Or winner stated that it won’t be an easy ride at all for his national side.

Messi urged his team to have the right mindset and attitude, not trying to think that they are already the best team out there before even winning any games.