Meet the Next Neymar Who Is Battling Health Issues

Brazil is widely known as one of best source of footballing talents as they seem to have an endless pool of potentials coming out from the country, including the six-year-old kid named, Marco Antonio.


Being mostly known as Marquinho, the little guy has already shown such massive talent at that very young age, which even earned him strong comparison with current Brazilian super star, Neymar.

Moreover, rumors also claiming that his talent have already been observed by two footballing giants, such as Real Madrid and Barcelona.

However, it’s not all rosy for the prodigy as despite his enormous potential, he apparently is also facing a troublesome illness, which has been hampering him since he was just six months old.

The illness that Marco’s having is called, Crohn disease, a incurable digestive condition, which is actually rare for a kid at such young age.

Nevertheless, that health issue doesn’t stop Marquinho from enjoying his football as he continue to impress everyone with his exciting talent and joyous smile while playing.

Fighting hard to handle the illness, Marco with the help of his family never stop believing that someday his dream of becoming professional footballer will eventually arrive.

His parents also hope that Marquinho can emulate Lionel Messi’s story, who during his childhood also had medical issues which was eventually handled well by the Argentinian.

Although it’s been such difficult experience in seeing their child suffered so much with that illness, but knowing how football has always been the media that helped his son smile and happy, they will continue to support Marco no matter what.

This touching story can always affect many people, as how such young kid fighting hard to fulfill his dream, despite experiencing such difficult health condition.

Marco’s story will feature in The History of Football global TV event, airing on History (excluding USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand), from May 28th-10th June 2018.

No one known what will happen in the future, but football enthusiasts certainly hope that Marquinho can eventually fulfill his long dream of becoming a pro footballer.