Makelele Confident Over France Strength in World Cup 2014

Failing to impress in previous World Cup and also recent Euro due to personal dressing room issues, France are looking like a much improved site for the upcoming World Cup 2014, at least according to their former star midfielder, Claude Makelele.

Speaking in a recent interview with FIFA, Makelele believes that Les Blues are in an excellent shape and have basically cured from previous ‘issues’ that seemed to trouble them in each tournaments.

The ex-Real Madrid player stated his believes that Didier Deschamps men have finally realized their strength and play as a team, “It looks to me like Les Bleus are in good shape. It’s as if they’ve been ‘cured’. They’re aware now of the qualities they have. I’m not talking about individuals but the team as a whole – they’ve realised their strength.”

Furthermore, Makelele also advised that in order to do well in Brazil, he expect France players to understand the importance of working as a team, without taking any individual matter as an issue.

Although admitting that France are not being considered among the top favorites for WC 2014, the ex-midfielder is hopeful that Les Blues can do well in Brazil, at least reaching the final just like what they did in 2006.