Madrid Star, Benzema Pleading His Innocence Over Valbuena Case

The legal situation involving Real Madrid striker, Karim Benzema, regarding his alleged participation on Mathieu Valbuena’s black mailing scandal is still unclear, but the former Lyon attacker insisted that he is not guilty.

Speaking in a recent interview, Benzema stated that he is not involved whatsoever with that blackmailing incident, stating that he earns more than enough to not get himself caught with that kind of situation.

The striker claimed that all of what being accused on him doesn’t make much sense, that’s why he is more than confident in pleading his innocence.

Moreover, Benzema’s only hope is for the case to be over soon and everything can get better again for him and Valbuena.

Benzema also stated that he is very keen in getting back into France national team, a condition which might not happen should he is found guilty over that case.