Lyon Decided to End Negotiation With Liverpool Over Fekir

An interesting twist regarding Nabil Fekir’s future suddenly occurred as his current club, Lyon decided to end their negotiation with Liverpool over possible transfer deal, which supposedly was reaching conclusion few days back.

After reports suggesting that both teams have initially agreed on transfer fee and medical check up has also been conducted, suddenly the French outfit released an official statement on their website that the deal with Jurgen Klopp’s side is off.

Lyon stated that despite there’s already been a serious negotiation with the Premier League side, but agreement was made and the Ligue 1 outfit are expecting their French international to play for them again next season.

There’s been no clear reasoning regarding that failed agreement, some reports claiming there’s an injury related issue that Liverpool medical team discovered, while others simply claiming that Lyon are simply asking for more money.

However, there’s also possibilities that those two scenarios above are correct as The Reds might discover some potential medial problem which eventually triggered them to ask for fee reduction which Lyon didn’t take too well.

Nevertheless, all are nothing but speculation for now since none of the parties have come out to make more detailed statement regarding that failed deal.

Although the French club seemingly canceled that deal, many believes that it’s not completely dead and things can easily be revived again in time.