Loew Believes Germany Can Go Far in World Cup 2014

Germany are yet to play their first game in World Cup 2014, but air of confidence is already surrounding them as head coach, Joachim Loew revealed to the media his believes that Der Panzer can go far in the tournament.

Obviously, it won’t be an easy task but Loew stated that if his players can work well as a team, put on solid defensive display and also able to take their chances effectively in every games, things will go smoothly for them.

However, that optimism requires an actual prove and this Monday, a stern test already awaits Loew’s men as they will be facing Portugal in Group G opening fixture.

Although admitting that Portugal are a strong side that can give many problems, Loew remains optimistic with his players ability. It will definitely be an exciting contest which could easily determined both teams’ future in the tournament.