Learning Ballon d’Or Historic Players With Sporticos’ Infographic

Infographic Generations ENBallon d’Or 2016 is just around the corner with La Liga stars, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo along with Neymar being named as three main candidates to win it.

However, before getting into that phase, it might be interesting for football fans to learn more about this award by looking at different generation which is presented by Sporticos.

The company once again brought a unique infographic that showcase which players being consider as top tier during different era.

For fans who were mostly born in the 70’s era, it seems that they will mostly argue about Diego Maradona and Marco Van Basten as that generation’s best.

Meanwhile, the 80’s people seeming have strong affection towards Roberto Baggio or Eric Cantona, who both were well known for their technical prowess.

As for the 90’s mostly it’s about Zinedine Zidane against Brazilian legendary striker, Ronaldo Luiz, as both were somewhat dominating the footballing scenes at that time.

Moreover, according to that graphic, current 2000 generation somewhat has Lionel Messi as the main man ahead of others, despite constant rivalry with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Those different generation are all have been treated with different kind of football stars, who all possessed different set of skills during their peak era.

Although that list might not be considered complete since during those different eras, there are also other top players who have their own share of dominance.

Nevertheless, that’s the basic idea of what fans from different generation believes who were the best players that they’ve seen playing.

Sometime in the future, we could be getting new super stars, who will continue the footsteps of those previous talents to become a successful icon.