Last minute travels to the EURO 2016

So you’ve just now decided to visit France for one of the upcoming matches of the Euro 2016? Great! There are quite a few options for traveling to France without having to tilt your bank account. And even better: Tickets are still available and there are plenty of free hotel rooms in the cities where the games will take place! Here are some insights and travel tips for your journey to the European Championship 2016 in France.

The way to the tournament: plane, train or car?

To be quite clear about this matter: Do not go by car! It is by far the most stressful and expensive option. If you take a minute or two and browse through the internet, you will find some really good deals for plane tickets. For instance, a flight from London to Paris can be booked for as little as £27! There are several pages, which automatically compare all available flights and give you all the different options. As an example, “cheap flights” compares over a thousand different airlines and travel agents and finds the cheapest tickets on the market. They also give you some valuable information about France in general, which always comes in handy. Another possibility to get there in a very comfortable and relaxed way, is booking via the official England supporters travel club, organised by the travel agent Thomson Sports. They actually offer two options for the coming match on the 27th of June: a one-day flight trip and an overnight trip. The prices are pretty expensive (up to £449), but they do include quite a few bonuses, like transfers, local guides, etc.

Taking the good old train to France is also an option – but not a cheap one! For instance, a ticket from London to Paris comes with a hefty price of £159. And then you would need to book a connecting train to Nice, should you want to see the game on the England vs Iceland on the 27th of June.

Finding a hotel in France during the Euro 2016 …

… is actually easier than expected. The reason for this is simply the fact that the regular tourists, who basically storm France during the summer season, avoid the cities in which the games take place. Online newspapers like the “Independent” or the “Mirror” are filled with interesting articles about this issue. Anyway: good for us! If you check out some hotel comparison websites like trivago, you can be quite sure to find a decent room for an OK price.