Knowing The Best and Worse Interim Manager With Clubline Football

Situation in a football club is not always rosy and sparkling as any pre-season planning can go all to dust when results doesn’t arrive.

When poor results hit a team, managers are being made as victim as they will be replaced and often an interim replacement will be appointed to see things off before the club made any decision next season.

Being that interim boss is not an easy task as one normally being given that short term assignment to fix things up, but without much guarantee for potential longer deal.

That’s why it’s always interesting in checking out the best and worse interim manager which in this particular article is being provided by Clubline football.

Checking out the list being provided, there’s some famous names that were able to pull off important results, such as Roberto Di Matteo, Guus Hiddink, Tony Burton and Rafael Benitez.

All of those names were able to win some titles despite being appointed as a replacement during the season and having to spent most of their time trying to fix a difficult situation.

Nevertheless, despite their somewhat success, those managers eventually getting the boot either because of an agreement or picking up bad results following their trophy winning moment.

Interestingly, most of the tacticians being listed by Clubline football were managing Chelsea, triggering the idea that there’s been plenty of changes at that club in recent years.

Other popular names who are also mentioned on the list are Ryan Giggs along with Alan Shearer, who didn’t really give too much impressions during their interim managing career.

Even until this date, this interim manager role is still something done by many teams, including England national side which are currently using Gareth Southgate as temporarily solution in place of Sam Allardyce, who was sacked earlier this year.


Best And Worst Interim Managers by Clubline Football