Juventus Snatched Patrice Evra from Manchester United

The rumors that have been buzzing around regarding Patrice Evra’s future was finally concluded as he officially left Manchester United to sign for Italian giant, Juventus.

Both teams have confirmed the transfer, while Evra himself left a thank you note for his fans at Man United’s official side, stating, “After a great deal of thought I have decided the time is right for me to leave Manchester United. It is the biggest decision of my career as this club is, and will always remain, in my heart.”

Reports suggested that Juve cashed out 1.2 million Pounds for the France international service which could add up to another 300,000 if the Italian side are able to quality for 2015-2016 Champions League.

In Turin, Evra will be around for at least two years as that’s the length of contract that he signed with Massimiliano Allegri’s team. The change of head coach slowed down that transfer process, but after Allegri approved it, everything went on again.