JD Football Testing Nike Magista Boot

Nike recently unleashed their new product called Magista which supposedly being designed especially for visionary football players, basically those who have that play making ability such as Mario Goetze, Andres Iniesta and Christian Eriksen.

Among those names, two of them participate in World Cup 2014, though Iniesta had his tournament rather short since Spain failed to advance into the next round of that tournament.

However, football fans will notably seen the flashy Nike Magista boots that Iniesta had on the pitch, or maybe Goetze, who is still doing pretty well with Germany at the moment.

Ahead of the World Cup, JD Football had done some testing to feel out how does Magista feel on the players feet and it seems that this new touch and fit boot is quite impressive indeed.

According to JD’s tester, Ben Fawcett, this bright yellow colored boot really bond well with ones foot as just like what Nike had it mind, Magista is designed so that players doesn’t feel that they’re wearing normal football shoes.

Nike Magista had several interesting technology being placed which makes it suitable for those play-maker since the boot provides extra ability in controlling and passing the ball.

Fawcett also revealed that he has been impressed with the feel of Magista as it’s very light and comfortable to wear, so those who are curios about this boot can immediately get a pair at any stores, including JD Sports that already provide its first test for all football enthusiasts.