Japan Coach, Aguirre Denies Involvement in Match Fixing Scandal

Japan national team are preparing themselves for upcoming Asian Cup, but their preparation is suffering a slight interruption with news about the involvement of their head coach, Javier Aguirre in match-fixing scandal.

Aguirre obviously denied his involvement on that scandal, noting to the press that during his time in Spanish La Liga he never got into negative situation like what was accused.

The issue supposedly occurred during Aguirre’ tenure at Real Zaragoza back in 2011. There was a game against Levante which Zaragoza won 2-1 and prosecutor is claiming that there’s a match fixing going on.

That result kept Zaragoza in La Liga, but the match was claimed to be rigged with Aguirre being part of several people named by prosecutor. Japan national side surely hoping that this situation won’t be affecting their preparation to challenge for the Asian Cup.