Italy’s Zaza Apologize for Penalty Howler

The penalty shoot out between Italy and Germany during Euro 2016 quarter finals were filled with many interesting stuff, including one ridiculous miss by Azzurri’s striker, Simone Zaza.

Zaza who seemingly being brought into the match just for taking spot kicks, made a mess of if after taking weird and long runs up before eventually shooting it high above the bar.

That failure was a bid downer for Zaza himself who apologize for his failure, specifically for Italy fans who were mostly disappointed with it.

The Juventus striker felt he has let many people down with his miss and it is something that he may never going to live it down.

Zaza defended his runs up method though, stating that it’s always been his way in taking penalties and he did sent Germany keeper, Manuel Neuer the wrong way, but the ball was just too high up.

Nevertheless, the attacker will try to pull himself together again while hoping that Azzurri fans will remember how good was Italy’s performance throughout the Euro and not just remembering one occasion only.