Interesting Numbers from World Cup 2014

Bar Sports -World Cup By Numbers IGThe World Cup 2014 maybe over, but there’s still some excitement felt for football fans who closely followed that tournament as its filled with many interesting stuff that can be described in numbers.

This interesting stats might not be something that fans are aware at first, but after checking out the info provided by some exciting facts suddenly emerged for every football enthusiasts’ entertainment.

Some numbers such as the total goals scored in Brazil, which is apparently 171 with 2.67 average goal per match might already be known by some stats freak supporters, but others might only aware of it after checking out this nice Info-graphic.

Apart from that basic stats, there’s also a more individual numbers that determines which teams have the best passing rate or being considered to have the highest attacking attempts.

Undoubtedly, Germany are selected as the team with most goals as best passing rate, with 18 goals scored throughout the finals along with having 80% successful rate.

Something that might be a surprised for some would be Brazil’s selection as the team with best attacking, but after checking out on the numbers of their offensive attempts, one might figure out some other thing from Selecao’s rather disappointing World Cup finish.

As for the players, that info-graphic also selected top names such as James Rodriguez as top goalscorer, Philipp Lahm top passer and Thomas Muller as top runner.

There are also many other interesting stuff, even the commercial and financial aspect from World Cup 2014 that football fans can take a close look at and simply enjoy while remembering the excitement that they felt while watching the tournament last month.