How to Watch the MLB World Series 2019 From Any Country Without Blackouts

We have some news for you.

Well, it is not exactly news since we know a lot of people must have been looking forward to these playoffs. It is with great pleasure that we also look forward to how these playoffs will lead to the World Series where the final standing teams will battle it all out for a shot at the final spoils.

However, it is not all good news for those who might be unable to get the games for one reason or the other. It is for you that we have developed this guide!

Common Obstacles to Enjoying MLB content

Depending on where you are in the world, there are a handful of reasons why you might be finding it impossible to enjoy the games as much as you want to.

In most parts of the world where the games are supported in-market, the cost of cable is the major factor keeping people away. It needs no telling that cable is expensive, and it can get even more expensive for you if you are only keeping it running for the sake of sports.

Bearing testament to this is the growing number of cord-cutters from all around the world.

On the other business end of things, you might just find yourself in out of market regions. Creators and distributors of the MLB content have already put certain measures in place to ensure only supported markets get access to the games. Should you be travelling/ living in other regions when the sports are being played, best forget any watching privileges you might have thought you had.

Finally, game blackout sare a common problem for even those in the supported regions – especially the home market (US).

In a bid to get more bodies down to the stadia where the game is being played, you will sometimes find out that the local games are suddenly not available on TV. It doesn’t even matter if you have paid full price for cable – the show promoters will still have their way.

Seeing as even in-market regions are susceptible to breaks in transmission at certain points, it becomes important to look for better alternatives. We have one for you.

Stream via the official MLB app

You might not have known this, but you get to watch the MLB world series live via the dedicated MLB app. Since this is the officially supported app, you can rest assured that it is the place where you have access to all the MLB action you could ever want. It also comes with audio and video feeds, grants access to every out-of-market games and allows you to watch rebroadcasts anytime you want to.

To buttress that point, MLB Tv offers one of the best feed qualities of streaming units out there. The best part of the entire deal is that this service only cost$24.99 monthly and you can get the entire season pass $118.99 for the entire season. That is about as massive savings as you can get.

All these talks of ‘app’ can make you feel limited in what you can do. That should not be so.

Built into the MLB.Tv app is a functionality that allows you to stream the games to just about any screen – right from your smartphone and tablets to smart TV units. Thus, you can still enjoy the action on a larger screen with family and friends like you were watching via cable.

Beating Blackouts and Geoblocks

Layering your MLB Tv app usage over a VPN allows you connect to supported markets (such as the US) so that you can also access the games like you were in-market. The same is true for those who want to escape blackouts as they can just connect to another server location different from theirs: which is where the current blackout is happening.


One single package and you have beaten all of the costs of cable, bypassed geo-restriction and cancelled blackouts. How would you rather watch the world series again?