Hawk-Eye apologies as goalline technology fail denies Sheffield United goal

Wilder said: “I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. It just had the feel of a goal and the referee [Michael Oliver] said that to me, but you’ve got to rely on Hawk-Eye to make the decision.

“The emotions from both sets of players is that it had crossed the line. We believe it should have been referred [to VAR].

“We were waiting for somebody at Stockley Park to show a bit of courage and say they will make that decision but if they’ve not seen it and seven cameras haven’t seen it I suppose he will say that it was not their decision to make.

“We went to Tottenham last year, John Lundstram’s big toe was offside and I was hanging around at White Hart Lane in the pouring rain for 10 minutes waiting for a decision. I don’t understand why I can’t wait for 10 minutes in Birmingham.”
Dean Smith, the Villa head coach, said: “We’ve got away with one, certainly with technology not working, but I’ve been in the other position where technology has not been good for us.
“There’s always going to be some error, we’ve seen it with VAR, and now the first time ever with Hawk-Eye.
“I wanted to come out and show a good performance, and I felt we did that. We nullified a lot of what Sheffield United was about.

“We weren’t just reliant on Jack Grealish. It was a good performance today and we deserved more.”