Guardiola Admitted Rejuvenation Plan at Man City

Guardiola Admitted Rejuvenation Plan at Man City

Manchester City continuing their ambition to get into that elite group of European teams and one of the club project now is rejuvenation, which was confirmed by their manager, Pep Guardiola.

Speaking in a latest interview, Pep stated that following last season results, he and club’s director are making strong moves to rejuvenate Man City’s rosters as last season they are known as one of the oldest side in the league.

Guardiola claimed that he already planned to lower the average age of City since last season, but obviously there’s not enough time and too many players they would need to replace in just one season.

However, things finally shaping up pretty well now, with some of their older players are leaving, they also started their market acquiring younger talents such as Bernardo Silva along with goal keeper, Ederson Moraes.

Moreover, the club is also targeting more young players such as Benjamin Mendy along with Kyle Walker, although special case for older player remain considered such as the rumor regarding Dani Alves’ potential arrival.

Nevertheless, despite the rejuvenation, the former Barcelona boss stated for his team to catch up with the big and traditional European teams, they might still need more time, maybe even a decade.