Griezmann Keen On Ballon d’Or After World Cup Glory With France

Atletico Madrid and French international star, Antoine Griezmann might not be included in the three final candidates for FIFA Best Player Awards this year, but the attacker is not losing confident of his chance in getting recognition for Ballon d’Or.

Sharing his opinion to the media in a recent interview, Griezmann isn’t shying away from admitting that he is very keen on winning the famous individual award for footballer this time around.

Finishing third in the 2016 pool for Ballon d’Or, despite losing two finals at that time, the attacker believes that with his success in winning Europa League and World Cup in 2018, he should at least get that recognition as one of the top three best players.

Moreover, Griezmann also went on to question FIFA’s decision in not including him or any of his France teammates in the final three of the organization’s footballing prize as they listed Luka Modric, Cristiano Ronaldo along with Mohamed Salah as potential winner.

The Atletico’s super star considered an irony that no players from the World Cup winner being considered as best player by FIFA, considering they’re the one organizing the international tournament.

Nevertheless, Griezmann acknowledge that everything is merely a choice made by certain people, but he is still surprised with the lack of acknowledgement for France players.