Get the Chance to Win 12 Pairs of Adidas Trainers from Mainline

Being one of the top sports brand for many years, Adidas continue to attract interest from sports lovers, including football lovers as the company keep on pairing themselves with famous players and teams. Acknowledging it, Mainline Menswear in collaboration with Adidas are offering an exciting offer for sports maniac, which is the chance to win an enormous supply of trainers.

One lucky winner will be getting themselves a real treat indeed as that person is set to win adidas original trainers for free and not just one but up to 12 pairs. Mainline apparently is providing a month by month supplies of that special footwear for the person who is lucky enough in winning the contest.

There isn’t much things to do for those who are keen on getting the chance to win a monthly trainers this whole 2015 as they can just enter the site, fill out names, email address and phone number. The contestants’ should be over 16 or for those under that age, should received permission from their parents for entering.

This contest is starting from February 15 and scheduled to end on March 15, while the announcement for that lucky winner is set for March 16.

There’s a slight limitation though regarding its term as those who win won’t be able to pick a size outside of the range between 6-12 and the overall value of the 12 pairs of trainers shouldn’t exceed 1000 pounds.

Overall, it’s still an exciting opportunity for sports lovers, including football maniac who are keen on acquiring top quality trainers from Adidas.

Knowing how top footballers such as Gareth Bale, Mario Goetze, Andres Iniesta and many more are being sponsored by Adidas, fans can somewhat experience that feel of being supplied with quality goods, should they win this contest from Mainline.